Across the Big Blue


Hi, I’m Hanna! I am a junior at Colgate University studying with DIS Copenhagen on the Child Development & Diversity program. This is my blog to share my adventures abroad and my new life in Denmark.

Latest Posts

Why Stress?

My teacher ended our last class by saying: “If I can tell you one thing… don’t work hard, work smart.” Her perspective is that, stress and overworking oneself is counterproductive to the goal at hand. She is not telling us to be lazy and quit working when we want. But rather, why do more work […]

Stads Kollegium

This blog post is going to tell you all about Stads Kollegium, which is one of the kollegium options for DIS housing. First off, kollegiums are student housing in the Copenhagen area. These are residential buildings spread throughout the city used as alternatives to dorm buildings on university campuses. Residents in kollegiums are students attending […]

Let’s Talk Classes

Shocking, but… when studying abroad, you actually have class and work! Let’s be honest, a lot of students forget about school and see study abroad as a chance to explore Europe and a different culture. However, classes are an integral part of learning this new culture and are also the reason you’re here! So, let’s […]

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